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Our Mission –

The mission of Suk Law Firm is to not only represent, to the very best of our ability, those who have suffered injury or lost loved ones through the negligence of others, but also to encourage public awareness of the causes of accidents and what can be done to avoid them.

Suk Law Firm is committed to the highest standards of professional conduct in the representation of injured people and the survivors of those who have lost loved ones through the negligence of others.

About us – 

The firm and its principal, Jim Suk, have successfully handled hundreds of cases and have recovered over one hundred million dollars on behalf of its clients.

Suk Law Firm is responsive by phone, email, fax and available for out-of-office visits in the home or the hospital. Like all personal injury firms, we work for a percentage of any recovery, so there is no fee unless there is a settlement or a verdict. We are known for taking our cases to trial if no fair settlement is offered.

We routinely accept requests from a number of law firms in Southeastern Minnesota, who do not routinely represent personal injury or death cases, to associate with them in the representation of their injured clients or their clients who have lost loved ones. We also associate with other personal injury law firms, both inside and outside the State of Minnesota, to effectively and ethically represent multiple clients or clients whose needs require additional or special areas of expertise. We are licensed and practice in Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota and travel all three states. Our staff is friendly, efficient and is trained intensively for the specific areas of law we practice.  We care about our clients.