Rupturing Takata airbags have been implicated in 10 US deaths and over a hundred serious bodily injuries, including blindings, severe shrapnel wounds and the like. Recently, the US Department of Transportation added another 35-40 million US vehicles to a recall schedule which already had placed 28.8 vehicles currently on the road on the recall list. Recalls will be scheduled from May 2016 through 2019. Since the explosive deployments are linked to destabilization of the propellant due to high heat and humidity, older cars are relatively more at risk. CHECK THE PRESENT LISTING (UP TO THE MAY 4 ANNOUNCEMENT) OF CARS WITH TAKATA AIRBAGS HERE TO SEE IF YOURS IS INCLUDED. If it is, get in touch with your dealer and DEMAND to be placed immediately in line for airbag replacement. If it isn’t listed, then get on NHTSA’s recall alert list here so that you get immediate notification if your car is added to the list.

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