Most Important thing to do After an Accident

Victims who are injured in accidents when another person is at fault often are at a loss for what needs to be done to pursue a claim. If you were involved in an accident, an injury attorney knows what steps you need to take, but the following explains a most important thing: mitigating damages.

Your injury attorney will advise you that the most important thing for you to do after any accident is to do your best to heal from your injuries. This is actually required by law: as a victim, you are responsible for “mitigating the damages” of any harm done.

Mitigating Damages
The following steps are crucial when it comes to mitigating damages:

  • Keep all of your physician appointments. If you are unable to make an appointment, let your physician know, or have your attorney do so for you.
  • Go to any physical, occupational, or rehabilitative therapies which your physician orders. In order to help you heal more quickly from any injuries, your doctor may order different types of therapy. Attend these sessions as you would any other physician appointment.
  • Follow your physician’s instructions. This may mean taking prescriptions, undergoing therapy, or even limiting certain activities. Not following doctor instructions can harm your case.
  • Don’t go against your physician’s advice when it comes to resuming work or hobbies. If you doctor tells you to rest, you should do so. Do not attempt activities your doctor doesn’t think you are capable of yet.

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