Understanding the Defendant

Following an accident which causes injury, insurers contact both the injured party and the party believed responsible. The insurance claims adjuster attempts to obtain reports and statements before a lawyer is involved. These accounts often form the basis for subsequent decisions to deny or pay a claim.

Once the insurance company conducts its initial investigation, there may be minimal to no contact between it and the party who caused an injury. The insurance representative does not commonly keep the insured up to-date on the everyday progress of the case.

Suk Law Firm is experienced in dealing with insurance companies and will seek the compensation to help you.

If the Case Doesn’t Settle

If you, your attorney and the insurance company do not reach a settlement and move to litigation, the insurance company will follow up with its insured. The insurance carrier hires a lawyer to defend and represent the tortfeasor. The tortfeasor must participate in the lawsuit and is obligated to cooperate with the assigned attorney.

Suk Law Firm injury lawyers have helped many people just like you, and are confident when dealing with insurance companies.

Be aware that if a lawsuit becomes inevitable, litigation will be filed against the tortfeasor and not his/her insurance company, although the insurers will probably be responsible for paying the settlement.

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