What You Can Do During Your Claims Process

Pursuing an injury claim can be a stressful and lengthy experience. Most claimants have had little experience in dealing with the law. A person suffering pain from an injury in an accident is not likely to be at his best in dealing with difficult legal issues. You can rely on your attorney to inform you about each step in the process as well as how you can help.

Settlement Negotiations

Your attorney will communicate with the insurance adjuster on your behalf. Often a settlement can be reached with your approval, though your lawyer can make no promises.

When a Lawsuit Becomes Necessary

If no settlement is reached, your lawyer will communicate with you about the next step. Your help is critical during this process. Stay in touch with your attorney on a regular basis. Make sure he/she has current contact information for you so you can respond promptly to any letters or calls. You can help by keeping good records and accountings of medical bills and proof of lost wages incurred as a result of your accident. After a lawsuit is filed, your attorney will advise you about the need for depositions or responding to written interrogatories (questions) from the defendant’s lawyer.

Attorney Fees during Your Lawsuit

Your lawyer will fully explain his fee agreement with you. Injury cases are usually handled on a contingency basis. This means your attorney receives a portion of any settlement amount or court judgment if one is reached.

Preparing for Trial

If your case proceeds all the way to trial, your lawyer will spend much time and effort preparing. He/she and the law firm staff may take depositions, conduct legal research, have further negotiations with the defense attorney, meet with you and prepare witnesses on your behalf. Your lawyer can make sure you understand what to expect.

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